I will support you
at every stage

Hi, My name is
Łukasz Sosiński

Professionally I help people achieve their dream figure, mainly I work with body sports competitors, but I also help people that are not interested in taking part in competitions. My job focuses on elements that are necessary to body model, nutrition, training, supplementation etc.

I have been a personal trainer since 2010 and since 2015 I have been preparing competitors for bodybuilding competitions (bodybuilding, classic bodybuilding, “classic physique”, “men’s physique”). Thanks to many years of intensive work, I have collected knowledge and experience, and now I can efficiently help people in building their dream physique. Every year my competitors win medals on the Polish and international stage, we have Polish and European championships and many others meaningful titles.

Personally I am a former bodybuilding competitor 2014-2019, my biggest successes are:

1st place in the bodybuilding debuts category, 90 kg

2nd place in Polish championships category 90 kg

1st place in diamond cup category 100 kg

2nd place in Arnold Classic category 95 kg

It is best to see the effects

That is why I invite you to visit my gallery, you will find there the transformations of my clients that best show that everything is possible and it is worth setting the bar high.